Whack Your Boss

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To Smack Your Boss could be something you think about every day however, you shouldn't perform it in actual life, this isn't nice. This is why you must channel your anger towards an easy online game in which you can punch the boss and get revenge however much you'd like, using the hilarious meme game whose form has been on the web for some time and has a reasons that are legitimate!   Let's take on the boss! You can imagine the basic scenario of a man at his office, sitting at his desk and a boss who is about to annoy him. By using your mouse you need to interact with things that surround you like the computer's display in order to discover seven methods and items you can use to get your boss.   For instance, you could throw the screen of your computer at him, or hit him using staplers. The fun is discovering all the strategies and seeing the funny scenarios that take place, sure to make you laugh. It's that easy So, start now and you'll never regret it!  

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