Toon Cup 2022

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Toon Cup 2022 is finally there, for free and available to enjoy all over the globe, since we're talking about an old-fashioned Cartoon Network game that receives every year. This year's edition is here with all your favorite characters from the current series! You can win this year's Toon Cup 2022 online! You must first choose the team you would like to represent on any continent of the world. You'll then form your team from two players and a captain and then you are able to select characters from those shows listed below:   Teen Titans Go Gumball Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart Elliott from Earth DC Super Hero Girls Craig from the Creek The Powerpuff Girls Ben 10 Apple and Onion Adventure Time We Baby Bears After forming your team, guide them to success at your Tournament and/or The Toon Leagues by winning matches that are won by getting more points than the opposing team within the time allotted to play. Utilize WASD keys to move, WASD buttons to shift and the spacebar to shoot or passing and attacking. Best of luck and all the best we wish you allthe best, following which we hope you share with your friends that you've finally won and invite them have fun too!

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