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It is often that you discover and play games that feature arrows. This is exactly the kind of experience you'll be able to enjoy right now on our site absolutely free, thanks to the brand-new and amazing game It is a 3D multiplayer experience you'll not get at other sites So leaving this page without trying this game shouldn't not be an option!   Make sure you capture the flag, then shoot the Arrows! If you're thrown into the fray, you'll be put on either the red or blue team and this is an opportunity to capture the flag that requires you to travel into enemy territory to collect their flag.   Naturally however you must also defend your bases and your flag against enemies, and it's best to have your teammates work together in this regard.   The players are provided with a variety of bows that can shoot arrows towards opponents, and you can using a mouse. to move around, you use the W, A and D keys.   If you come across the latest weapons or power-ups or additional arrows, don't be afraid to take them in, they could be helpful. Have fun, enjoy playing and have fun! Everything this can be done right now!  

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