Stick Merge

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It is not often that in online shooting games do we find them mixed with merging games that are more puzzle-based games However, by incorporating Stick Merge we provide you exactly that experience. And, more exciting, you're playing with stickmen. There's always a lot of fun to have!   Shoot and join with the stickmen! Begin with the initial shooting day, where you shift your cursor to the stickmen that are coming from different locations, and you must shoot the entire group down to complete the level and earn coins as a reward. With the money you've earned you can buy guns. You then purchase two firearms of the identical type join them and you will be able to buy a second gun of a higher level.   This is your most recent equipped weapon, which you can utilize in the next level to shoot, collect coins, and make use of them to combine weapons, further improving them level after level by using this technique. Naturally, levels become progressively harder as you upgrade your weapons However, we're confident that you'll be able to conquer them all.   It is also possible to make improvements to your stickman shooter to help you get more powerful. Once you've mastered the basics, you'll begin to have fun immensely and we hope you will be back for more of it!

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