Imposter Battle Royale

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Among Us has always been played in multiplayer mode, as the interplay between players from across the globe is what made it so popular and loved by millions of players and, of course it's only a matter the time until we have online battle royale games that we could give you this kind of experience similar to in the present when you play Imposter Battle Royale.   Kill the other fakes to be the last player left standing to win the Among Us multiplayer game! Instead of trying to destroy the spaceship and murdering crew members the game is based on fakes on an outline of the spaceship. It's a map that is shrinking. No one is hiding, and instead directly shooting the others down, with the aim of being the only standing, so shoot for this!   Move with the W A, S, D keys Shoot and aim with mice, then then use E to interact. To begin Only the Survival mode is locked The concept is straightforward, that is to destroy other imposters on the spaceship until you are left.   There are many other modes that you can access or may be released in the near future, including Chaos, Capture the Flag, Alien Crisis, and Invasion however, until now you must focus on the first .   The chance to win matches or even performing well, will earn you coins You can make use of the coins available from the shop on this menu's main page to purchase different equipment and upgrades, and then using them to make it to victory faster!   We wish you the best of luck and are hoping to meet you more often here this day, as we won't be stopping to introduce new games anytime in the near future, we're sure of it!  

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