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Murder is among the most popular games available on Poki and that's not surprising since the game is amazing. Your goal is to take down the king However, you'll be on guard since the guards of the king are near to him. The moment you discover you're trying to take him down, you'll be punished.   Step slowly behind the king and put the knife into his back like the murderer! To be successful in this game, you'll have to be extremely patient and watchful of the actions of the king. You need to behave like an armed killer at a murder and that's the reason you should be able to walk in a slow manner behind the king. If the king doesn't look at you, you need to pull out the knife and place it in front of him. Be careful, as at times the king might come back, and should he discover you're trying to take him down, he'll ordain the guards to detain you , or even kill you. If you succeed in killing him, you'll need to dress in royal clothes and go to his palace. His body will be left behind.   If you are able to kill the King The next step would be to be to be King of your own. In this way, your roles will shift, but this means that you'll always be paying attention to everyone in your vicinity. Since everyone is trying to take you down. If , in the initial level it's about one of the servants of the King who transforms into murderer, in the second level , you must be wary of the servants who are always close behind and in the final level we have clowns who try to take your life. Every person has their own weapons and will attempt to take them down as fast as they can. Be careful!   Tips and Tips and Tricks: For you to be successful in these tasks regardless of which side you're on, whether discussing a king who must be wary of criminals, or about criminals that must take down the King in order to take him down, you have to remain cautious. Perhaps the most important factor is to accumulate the experience gained from previous levels, and then you'll be able to attack at the proper moment.

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