Crossy Road

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There's a saying to make sure you look both ways before crossing the street. In the case of Crossy Road you're crossing what appears to be the most hazardous road, train track and river that exists. When you first begin Crossy Road, you will begin as a chicken, looking to start a new existence in whatever lies on opposite sides of each deadly obstacle you encounter.   You don't have time to Be Insane This isn't your dad's Frogger game. Crossy Road doesn't let you go back to safety on the sidewalk if you're enjoying your cross-roads. If you are taking too long to take an informed decision, then the decision is made for you by way the predatory birds descending to steal you.   You Can Move Left Or Right Similar to other games that involve an animal that is in no way protected who is crossing the street You can move around in a variety of directions. If you aren't happy with the things you see in your path there is no need to take action immediately. Making a turn left or right could provide you with the additional split-second option to steer clear of an approaching train waiting for a log to be swept into the water, or to avoid cars on the road.   Coins and coins collection Coins   In order to add to the excitement of Crossy Road more interesting is the fact that you are able to make more money as you travel through the various roads.   Tips for Playing Crossy Road Plan two steps ahead It's not difficult to look ahead in one lane and spot an opening. But that does not mean that the opening will last forever. Someday, something is going to be discovered that will push you to move forward. The importance of coins isn't so much. It's true that having coins can be beneficial, but do not make your decisions more risky than it should be to acquire just one coin. It isn't a good idea to sacrifice your time for the sake of acquiring a coin. * Do not be afraid to go back up If you don't like the way you're looking at it then you're able to turn around and reconsider. Don't be too patient. You don't want taken away by the large bird.   Crossy Road is a great game that will keep you busy for hours. Don't even try the game in real life outside of the game!

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