Noob vs Zombies

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Zombies have always been the enemy to Minecraft. Noob from Minecraft However, with your assistance, he is able to come up with new ways to defeat the undead monsters, as we are inviting players to take on right now, when you need to solve puzzles and find ways to defeat your foes!   This is Noob Vs Zombies in one of our newest combat games that includes puzzles! In every mission (level) you'll face at least one zombie to be defeated by shooting rays electricity at them, as when you were Thor who is who is the God of Thunder This is the reason you've got a hammer with your own.   Move using the mouse, move warriors that have shields However, you should don't move them. Instead, rather rotate them so that the lightning reflections reflect through their shields before it is absorbed by the zombies. Click the battle button once the formation is completed to begin the battle.   If you turn the shields in a correct manner and make sure the beam is directed correctly to kill the zombies, they will be killed and you move on to the next stage, where you will face a more challenging challenge however, it's even more enjoyable at the same time! Begin today!

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