The Worlds Easyest Game

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If you've been searching to play the world's easiest Game, you're in the right place. Because we're thrilled to offer this fantastic arcade game for kids online it is an amazing game that manages to mix skills games, math games and puzzle games to provide an experience unlike any other that we'll present to you today to ensure that your experience with the game will be a breeze and you'll can enjoy it to its fullest!   Queasy Cat Queasy Cat, the main protagonist of the game doesn't like difficult questions and does not like doing things that are difficult that's why it's determined to present you with one of the easiest questions in the world in which you must show that you're intelligent enough to be able to complete it. Much like a cat you're entitled to nine lives so if you make a mistake on nine of the questions and lose the most simple game on earth and that's sad We hope that it will not occur!   Each level provides you with something fresh to think about. For instance, you'll have a straightforward riddle that you can solve using a short story. You have to figure out Alice's age, which is 15 years old, and we've already provided clues. Remember this, and you can use the answer after you've gotten to the next stage. In a different level, you shoot with the gun to kill the zombies that pop up before you. If you're a sports enthusiast and you love sports, you'll be thrilled to can throw an basketball in the hoop at any of the different levels.   You will be given a timer for each question as well, and if the cat notices that you're slowing down do not worry because it will provide you with some suggestions to help you navigate. The fun begins now to show you that playing the World's Easiest Game is indeed very simple for you!   How many questions can you answer in the most simple game in the world? Answer: 111 questions. How can you play the game that is the easiest to play? Answer: You could play it with your mouse. It is likely that you will soon be able to download an app for mobile devices. The Worlds Easyest Game, which will allow you to play the game using your fingers on the smartphone's screen.     The Worlds Easyest Game Answers: Nonsense Questions   What is your preferred color? Type any color Is your first name yours? = type any name Is this the easiest game? = Yes A second set of questions   What is the number of questions you have already answered? - look at upper left, subtract 1 How many questions are in this test? = 111 How many questions remain? It could be 35 (question 76) or 33 (question 78) Questions with images   Do 12 seconds = just stand there and Which rabbits are there? You can enter any number until all four rows are visible Answer = 23 Click button and continue to click, and wait until it stops moving Just stand there and Blue color of dog is a slide across boxes. just wait until the green color matches. Technical Questions:   You must believe that you're quite clever? = Yes How many cups are in one quarter quart? = 4 What is the number of quarts per gallon? = 4 Are you sure? = Yes What's 2+2+7-7? = 4 What number of sides does the square has? = 4 How many legs can this dog walk on? = 4 How many legs do spiders have left? = 4 What number of seasons in the year? = 4 What number of sides does the rectangle has? = 4 How many fingers are there on the human hand = 5 The number of July days equals 31 What is the number of days that January has is 31 The number of May days equals 31 What is the number of days that September has equals 30 What is the number of days that April has is 30 What do 2,011 pennies cost equals 20.01 (value) The number of August days is 31 How many months are there with 31 days equals 7 How many days of October = 31 What is the number of months that are there with 28 days equal to 12, (all of them) You must think that you're pretty clever? = Yes What value are 2004 pennies equals .01 (year on the coin) Block one of question where you need to be mindful of: Was the color of the color of the clock hanging on the wall? = Type color (could be many) What shade of sofa is it? = Purple Which home is that? Name is on the wall of the certificate Which one is better? Cats or Dogs? = Cats The second set of questions that you must be aware of:   How dark is book of the woman's bag? = color of the type What 11-letter word can the majority of Harvard students spell wrongly? incorrectly Short and slim = North Carolina Islands upside-down = Alaska Upside-down = Texas

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