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3.08.2021 03.08.2021 we released an upgrade to our FNF 2 Player Mod version. We added new features that players wanted.   The most significant features we've developed is the introduction of new characters as well as new songs you can play. In the latest edition of our game you can play with these names of characters Boyfriend, Pico, Girlfriend, Tankman, Garcello, Daddy Dearest Skid as well as Pump, Mommy Mearest, Monster, Shaggy, Whitty, Agoti, Ruv.   The new songs that you can choose from include: Random, Ballistic, Blammed, Bopeebo, Fading, Fresh, Godeater, Headache, High, Milf, Nerves, Pico, Released, Roses, Satin Panties, Spookeez, Super Saiyan, Throns, YGH, Zavodila   You can select the difficult levels below:   Easy Medium Hard Insane ?!?!?!?!#! ? Don't do it! It's Friday night! Funkin' 2 player mod is available :)   Download FNF 2 Players for Android.   We are pleased to announce that we've released one of the most-requested mods to the famous Friday Night Funkin game in which you can be able to play with your buddies at the same time on the same computer to see who is the better player in this particular game. For those who are new to the game, be aware that this mod can also be played as a single-player and, in this chapter, you'll have the chance to play the game for the first time in four weeks:   Week 1: Daddy Dearest Week 2: Spooky Month Week 3: Pico Week 4: Mommy Must Murder If you play the Multiplayer version of FNF 2 Player, you'll be able to select different characters so that you can play as you'd like to be. You can select the character that you want to even play against you and then you'll be required to choose the level of difficulty that you would like to take on in this chapter, and you'll be able to select between five distinct levels that will be increasing from Easy to medium, hard, and Insane ,?!?!?! #!?. The music in the game will be randomly chosen however we are developing an update to the game so that you will be able to choose which song you'd like.   The fun continues on a higher level with the FNF2 player game mode Two-player games are much more entertaining because you'll be in a position to challenge your buddies and classmates, or those you don't like in a dance competition with Boyfriend, Daddy Dearest Spooky, Month, Pico, Mommy Must Murder, Girlfriend, Tankman in which you'll be able to prove that you're superior to the other players by playing this sport. You can observe in the video, each fight you engage in to the floor is recorded as well as at the conclusion at the top left corner, you'll be able see who scores higher (player 1 or 2). In addition you should be aware that you will have the option of changing the character you chose initially to see what suits you best.   Play-Games.com team suggests that you try the initial difficulty level, and if you can master it, then move onto the next one, and traverse through the various levels of difficulty to ensure that you improve in this game. It is evident that based on the difficulty level you pick the game will speed up the speed of play, making the arrows that are coming at the lower end of your screen go towards the upper part of the screen more quickly and quicker.   Developers: Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r Music by Kawai Sprite Mod developed by Play-Games.com

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