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Hello and welcome to Blockpost Online, an online multiplayer first-person shooting game that is played in 3D with a look that is influenced by Minecraft in that the world is pixelated , and the characters are squishy However, what is unique about this game is that it offers players the opportunity to compete against players from around across the globe for a shootout that is like no other!   Enjoy Blockpost Online unblocked for free today! There are four options accessible on this page, the final one requiring unlocking:   Gungame: A classic you-vs-everyone shootout where you must shoot to ensure you don't get killed. Team Deathmatch The same concept however you join your team to beat the other and eliminate their players but not your buddies. Sniper Arena: Here you shoot with sniper guns from a distance, hoping to score the targets that are that are set before you. Bomb Mode: Win the match by exploding the bomb in the opposing side's territory, and preventing your opponents from doing this thing to you. Utilize WASD to move and aim with the mouse and shoot as well as space to jump along with the number keys to switch weapons. Make use of the coins you earn as rewards to improve your character's skins as well as their weapons to improve your strength and are better equipped to take on all players in the globe!

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