Bacon May Die

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Bacon is a animal with big ambitions, but Bacon may die within the next period as well There is no way to prevent it Just help him make as many damage to the adversaries as you can by killing other pigs as well as various creatures and monsters, who are descending on Bacon to take him down! You must ensure that you don't allow them to touch Bacon that is easy, and make use of the wooden stick that you have available to eliminate them using the arrow keys to move and striking simultaneously! Combine the arrow keys and you'll get a variety of fighting and combat moves, therefore pay attention to the specifics and try to keep rezisting for as long a time as you can without wasting too much time, and, of course, getting new weapons and costumes. There is a chance when you gain knowledge, to purchase the money earned new costumes, brand new weapons, and even guns that shoot projectiles and bullets therefore make sure you don't use Bacon's energy to nothing. In the end Bacon will surely die as the threats that come at him are too numerous. However, don't give up and defeat super monsters, bosses and bosses for more points and money!

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