Angry Ducks

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Angry Ducks is one of the most popular spin-offs of Angry Birds Games online that we encourage you to play today for free on our website. ducks are also birds but not the birds that you're familiar with, since we've come up with brand new characters that you can have fun playing with in the air. A safe chance to be having fun now! Shoot the angry Ducks for a chance to take the battle of birds! By using the mouse, you select birds to put them into the slingshot then take aim at them and then shoot them using dragging and release the mouse button. Do it in a way that you hit the platforms, break them up, and finally take down all the birds that are on those platforms. This is when the game is over. Did you run out of ducks to shoot and not hit every target? You lose. Every new stage is harder than the previous one So, always be focused and pay more attention. All the best to every success, and we'd like to see you again and have fun in this game, we're sure of it!

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