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RUN 3 INSTRUCTIONS There's an entire galaxy that is waiting to be explored! Utilize the keys of the arrow for running and jump through space tunnels. Make use of the left or right arrow keys for turning the world around you.   Two ways to use to play Run 3: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. To add additional levels to the Galaxy Map, choose Explore Mode. The Runner will be able to explore many new tunnels and areas and could even bump into companions on the journey!   To run indefinitely for an endless run, select Infinite Mode. There are power cells scattered throughout the tunnels when you play this mode. Be careful with your step! If you slip out of your tunnel while playing Infinite Mode, it's game ended. Power cells can be used to restart your adventure by introducing a new character.   Discover where the story began in the first game of the Run Series -- which is now enhanced in 3D!   RUN 3 TIPS & TRICKS Neue aliens and brand new techniques. There are 9 characters you can unlock when you go through levels. If you have sufficient energy cells you'll be in a position to get new characters immediately! Each alien comes with specific abilities that can help you navigate the galaxy. If you are stuck in a difficult tunnel Try swapping your character with a new one. For instance the Skater can perform better in snow conditions!   Control your jumps. If you keep holding the up arrow, the more and longer you'll be jumping. If you have platforms that have a tiny gap between them, consider pressing the upward arrow key to create a small leap. This will help you avoid shooting too hard on your landing.   Look ahead. Concentrate on the platforms that are in front of you. Keep track of the various sides of the tunnel in order to determine your next leaps. This will help you decide which direction to turn your tunnels to ensure you can ensure that the character gets enough space to move around.   Practice in endless ways. Infinite Mode is great for finding power cells that unlock characters However, it can be useful for practicing! If you're stuck in an area in the galaxy map, take a few runs through the endless tunnels. The tunnels will not be the same each time, which means you'll gain a impression of the various obstacles.   CAN YOU STILL PLAY RUN 3 WITHOUT FLASH? Run 3 is playable with or without flash, and also running the classic Run game. The release of these games in the wake of Adobe Flash Player was no being supported anymore has been an important goal of ours. We've converted Flash to HTML and around 100 games.  

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