Retro Bowl

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It's the time to become the football player you've always dreamed of becoming by playing Retro Bowl! Before you begin the game when you start the game, you enter your name and initials. After you've chosen your name, you are able to choose from any of your teams you like that range from Baltimore and Oakland up to Miami within the AFC or Tennessee in the NFC. Once you've selected the team you want to join, you'll be shown the background of Retro Bowl which is: You're a coach who's ready to join the biggest game of their lives. After you've read the story, you'll be given the choice of clicking "OK" as well as "SKIP the tutorial" It is the Front Office Menu is where you can make improvements to every aspect of the staff to freelancers to your rehabilitation and stadium facilities. In the tab for rosters, you'll be able to keep your offense moving by using the running back, the Quarterback Wide Receiver, the Defensive Line and the Kicker. Clicking on any of these players will allow you to see their personal information and traits. If you're unable to keep the motivation of your players high there will be issues both in or off the field. Then, you'll be given a short running, passing and kicking training that you'll need to complete prior to playing starting your game. Then, it's time to take the field!   Tips to play Retro Bowl on the internet: Do not skip the instruction. If you're the first experience with Retro Bowl, you'll need to be comfortable with the various screens and what each does. If you don't, you might not be performing as well as you could. Don't be overwhelmed by the many routes a receiver can take. If you observe that an offensive route that isn't as strong for defenses, then you might be able to make a major play. But don't be afraid to tackle only a couple of yards at a time using the right running technique. Perhaps you will be able to score an impressive long-running touchdown. Don't forget the morale of your team. The most important thing you don't would like to do is lose yards due to easily avoided penalties. Go out and make a big score!

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