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Do you recall those old love testers that you played in arcades at the corners of shops or at the counter in an older dive-bar? The testers have been relegated to time, but the idea of testing love doesn't necessarily end with the demise of older Love Tester machines. Love Tester is just one of the few free love test games for play at Free-Games. It's time to test whether true love is at hand by playing Love Tester.   Love Tester Gameplay If you're familiar with the idea of love testers you shouldn't be astonished by the way that it works. Love Tester game works. When you begin Love Tester, you are asked to input two names. There isn't any science behind the love tester and it doesn't matter in which order you enter names in. You can try switching names around, however, the score you score is the score you will receive.   Once the Love Tester begins Enter the two names you wish to use so that you can estimate the amount of love. In the first place, input the first name for the person who is first and then enter your name for the person who is the second. After you've completed both names, it's time to begin with the calculation of love. It may take a few minutes for the Love Tester to determine your score, but you'll get an instant score.   If you score that is not the one you were hoping for If you find a score that is different, you can try different names. Try placing the name of the second person first, and the first name after. You could also try with your names that you have used before to determine if you obtain a higher score. When playing Love Tester, you might not score the points you'd like, but there's one thing you need to remember while playing the gamer Love cannot be measured.

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