Extreme Pamplona

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Extreme Pamplona is a game that provides a great amount of adrenaline. At the beginning of the game's first level, we can see an individual running from bulls. The action begins in a fight cage, before moving to the city. When you're in the city there are additional obstacles to stay clear of, for instance, stands for boxes or even people, however, you should be sure to guard the bull. If the bull caught you, you'll be dead. After you've completed the first stage, you'll be able to find a map showing the countries. Pick the one you would like to take to get to the bottom. In each country you are able to escape from an individual, such as the case of Spain by the bull and in Germany from women and within the UK from a policeman and in France from a man from a man in Sweden by a person from the spa and at Russia with a boy who has a an axe in his hands and at Holand by a female as well from a woman in Switzerland from a young boy in the skates.   In every country, there is an individual method of transport. In Spain takes place in the bull cage and continues in the city. in Germany there are several barrels as well as an arena for circuses, while in Uk there is a show in an construction site. In France there are statues, and you can look from behind Eiffel Tower. In Sweden in a spa, there are many men and women. In Russia we're on top of a roof. In Holand we're on the banks of a river that is full of vessels and bridges. In Switzerland there is an ice slope, and occasionally stone and holes. The final level is located in Spain at the bulls' cage, where you will find a large number of supporters waiting to see if they make it to that finish line. There will be a man waiting for you at the end of the line and once you reach the finish line, you'll see how many the total number of minutes you played. The objective in the race is avoid being taken down by opponents and complete the race as quickly as you can. It is impossible to play all countries in a single lap. You you must complete 2 or additional laps to explore each country. Enjoy!

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