Rainbow Friends: Horror Playground

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Rainbow Friends: Horror Playground is among the most impressive recreations we've seen of the original Roblox game that has grown into popular over the last couple of months. This is the reason we couldn't miss the opportunity to bring it to us, and we're hoping that you play it as soon too!   Escape the Horror of the Rainbow Friends! To get through each level, you must find the appropriate toys ensure that when you look for them in the area that you are in you don't get snatched with Rainbow Friends. Rainbow Friends, meaning Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or Orange.   If you are in trouble, you'll lose the case, so stay clear of the trap at all cost. Make use of your WASD keys for movement between spaces, jump or space or run, and the mouse to browse at. There are ten things to discover to win the game. This means that you'll have ten fantastic challenges that are filled with horror and fun, which we're hoping you be able to master today!  

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