Noob Fall

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Aid you to help the Noob Fall gracefully in one of the top new 3D skill games we've made available to players in the adored Minecraft Games category, where we strive to present the top original games on the web and this has definitely been one of our games that we have been most pleased to create!   Let's be a Noob and take the victory! The Noob makes use of a bar that has two suction cups on both ends to slide into the tunnel. when you press your mouse in the right position, the bar spreads and the cups grip the walls, keeping him up in the air. Make use of this technique to slow down and then grasp all the stars at when you reach the bottom.   On the edges of the walls, there are red bombs. So ensure that you don't hit the bar against them in case you will explode, and then you lose the level. If you fall too fast down to bottom you lose the level and you'll lose the level, so make sure that doesn't happen too. If your coins accumulate, you can use them to purchase new skins.   We wish you success as well as focus, ability, and determination and look forward to seeing you again and more!  

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